Методичний вебінар "Tapping into Curiosity: Critical Thinking in Every Situation "

7 листопада 2018 р. керівник гуртка англійської мови Ільнікова Т.М. брала участь у методичному вебінарі для вчителів англійської мови "Tapping into Curiosity: Critical Thinking in Every Situation" від видавництва ММ Publications.

Доповідач: Paul Dummett.

Ільнікова Т.М. отримала цікаві методичні поради та сертифікат на підтвердження участі у роботі вебінару.

/Files/images/Paul Dummett.jpg Paul Dummett is a teacher and writer based in Oxford, UK, where he ran his own school teaching English to professionals from 1996 to 2006. He currently teaches refugee children in Palestine and Jordan with the Hands Up Project. His main interests are the use of images and narrative in language teaching and how these can aid deeper learning and memory. Seeking out writing projects that explore these interests he has found a natural home at National Geographic Learning, co-authoring titles such as Life and Keynote and acting as a Course Consultant for Look , a seven - level primary series. He enjoys travel, exercise and live music/spoken word performance.
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