Методичний вебінар «Scaffolding: The Art of Building a Lesson, with Sara Davila»

24 жовтня 2017 року керівник гуртка англійської мови Ільнікова Тетяна Миколаївна взяла участь у вебінарі «Scaffolding: The Art of Building a Lesson, with Sara Davila» .
Захід був організований компанією PearsonELT.
Ільнікова Т.М. отримала цікаві навчальні інформаційні матеріали та сертифікат на підтвердження участі у роботі вебінару.
Presenter: Sara Davila.

Abstract: In language education teachers are often encouraged to consider scaffolding in lesson plans. Lessons that contain clear scaffolding achieve superior results which can lead to long-term retention and improved quality of language acquisition. The introduction of the Global Scale of English has created an entirely new way to focus on the development of scaffolding in a lesson by offering granular insight into that various parts of a language lesson. The use of the Global Scale of English and the Teacher Toolkit allow teachers to plan high performance lessons designed to target learner growth and progress. In this session, we will examine the principles and practices around creating unique, engaging, lessons with data driven scaffolding using the Global Scale of English.

Sara Davila is a teacher, teacher trainer, and educational consultant who has been working in the field of language and language development for over 12 years. She has worked in the US and abroad as a language teacher and learning expert in the field of language acquisition. Ms. Davila has done extensive research on performance assessment, communicative based instructional strategies, and learning theory, with presentations, workshops, and articles around each topic. She is currently working with Pearson ELT as the Learning Expert in Higher Education for global English language products. Ms. Davila continues to contribute to the field through her website, which contains presentations, free lesson plans, and free worksheets for teachers.

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